About Generations

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Generations builds more than a sound, stable structure for a family to call home; they build a future.

Generations is a renovation business bourne out of the 30+ years of Custom Home Building experience.  By applying the methods and lessons learned from the upscale custom home market to renovations, we will bring a fresh outlook on doing things right for their clients.

Is your home sustainable, will it be affordable in the future, maintenance-wise? Homes are passed down, so we are not only building for Mom and Dad, but for the generations to come. For that reason ‘durability’ is a key consideration when we select materials and processes for our clients homes. Generations is a socially responsible, forward-thinking company.

We are passionate about customer education, low-maintenance construction and taking every aspect of building a few steps further. The philosophy behind this family-owned, team-run company is called, “Behind The Paint.” It is yet another reason Generations stands out from the crowd. Emphasizing the process behind home building is integral to what we are is striving to accomplish; Home safety, sustainable construction and durability.