energy saving tips – home office

No Cost / Low Cost

  • Turn off your computer, monitor, printer, and speakers when not in use. Computers do not use large amounts of energy when starting up, nor do constant start-ups damage computer components.
  • Screensavers do not save energy. Turn off your monitor whenever you step away from your computer and when you turn your computer off.
  • Enable your computer’s energy-saving features.
  • Have you ever noticed that a charger or adapter is warm to the touch when it is plugged in, even when it is not charging anything? Many chargers draw at least one watt of electricity all the time. Unplug your charger when the device is not connected.
  • Unplug your home office when not in use. 75 per cent of the electricity used to power home electronics is used while the products are turned off but still plugged into the wall.

Save Even More

  • Need a new computer, printer, scanner or fax machine? Choose an ENERGY STAR® qualified model. ENERGY STAR qualified office and imaging products use as much as 60% less electricity than standard equipment

source: Fortis

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