The Mountain View Music Fest on You Tube

What a terrific weekend in Carstairs.  The weather was wonderful even though there seemed to be a moment on Saturday night that we might have some nasty weather from an ominous cloud that loomed overhead.  But the sun came out as it did on Friday and Sunday and the crowd in attendance was treated to a weekend full of top-notch entertainment.

I am always taken aback at the quality of the performers, some that you have never heard about. Groups like Rembetika Hipsters, Cara Luft, and Charlie Major took my breath away.  True talent, home-grown and available each year by donation the MVMF.  Thank you to the Valleau Family for all their hard work and the efforts of the volunteers and sponsors for making this unique cultural treasure take place year after year.

Click on the links below to get a taste of the fest.

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