The Mountain View Music Fest on You Tube

What a terrific weekend in Carstairs.  The weather was wonderful even though there seemed to be a moment on Saturday night that we might have some nasty weather from an ominous cloud that loomed overhead.  But the sun came out as it did on Friday and Sunday and the crowd in attendance was treated to a weekend full of top-notch entertainment. Continue reading

Aug. 5: International Beer Day, Join the celebration

Beer DayOh Homer would be proud, a day set aside on our busy schedule to honour his favourite beverage.  It’s true, since 2007, Aug 5 has been declared international Beer Day.  You may ask yourself, what is the relevance of a blog that highlights a day dedicated to Beer?  Well, why not, we all look forward to sitting out on our back deck and sharing a pint or two with friends on those hot summer days, and we at Gold Seal take pride in offering some of the best venues for such events in town.

The Mountain View Music Festival will feature a Beer Garden this weekend where our wonderful locally produced Big Rock Brewery products will be dispensed…yum!

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2011 Mountain View Reader’s Choice Survey

Hey loyal Gold Seal blog readers, here is a chance to win $500, 500 smackeroos, dineros, greenbacks…whatever you want to call it.

Each year the Carstairs Courier and it’s associate papers have a Reader’s Choice award for various local business and organizations.  By clicking on the link on the left, and filling out the form, you can be entered in a chance to win.

Cheeky self promotion part: Don’t forget to fill out who your favourite builder is!

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Mountain View Music Fest Artist line up confirmed

Click logo above to go to MVMF website

The organizers of our annual music fest have released the short list of performers for this years event.  The event is scheduled for the first weekend in August (5-7th) and will b eheld again in the Memorial Park area adjacent to Gough Rd. in Carstairs.  Entrance to the Fest is by donation, and the organizers are still looking for volunteers. Click here to fill out an online form.  8 hours of volunteering over the course of the weekend will not only get you a T-shirt, burgers, Big Rock Beer (if of legal drinking age) but you’ll
also be promised 2 acres of ocean front property in Carstairs.

The Artist line up is as follows:

Charlie Major
Lunch at Allen’s, Tim Hus, Lynn Miles, Rob Szabo, Souljah Fyah, Frank Schaap, Kinjo Brothers, Matt Masters, Cam Penner, Cara Luft, Keister Family Fiddlers, T.Buckley, Brent Tyler, 100 Mile House, The Ruminants, Magnolia Buckskin, Ben Sures, David Mark Sadlier-Brown, Wheat & Water and our very own, and world wide famous: The Polyjesters

and many many more…

Gold Seal Homes is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this event again this year and we hope to see you all down there.  For more information click here to visit the MVMF website.

The Café Radio

The local, family ran café opened its doors; January 3, 2011 they are located at 1112 Osler Street, Carstairs, hours are Monday-Friday 6-6.

Jason and Sheldon Valleau have always talked about having a little coffee shop. “When we walk into a building that’s old, we don’t have the heart to cover it up” said Jason.  With Sheldon’s design and good fortune they stripped down the past 100 years to reveal its original personality.

Researching the origin of the building has uncovered that there had been on separate occasions 2 fires destroying the Histories of Carstairs, but have established the 1901 building was once Downie-Aldrich Lumber Co. and has gone through a wide variety of different stores (deli, TV repair shop, bakery, gift shop and CIR Realty) and is now filled with the aroma of coffee, homemade soup, sandwiches and desserts. It’s great for all ages and they now have a liquor license.

The brothers having played in many coffee shops around the world as a touring band “The Polyjesters” and by living in France got into the coffee culture. Then the Mountain View Music Festival started happening and the Broadcast Radio so they decided to put their roots down.  Being community orientated and having a range of cultures decided The Café Radio would be the home for it all.

What if I had a Monster Garage?

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Many of our customers are asking us for larger and larger Garages.  I for one would love a bigger garage to work on the ’64 chev I’m restoring So that I could get my daily driver back where it’s warm.  Some people want to have higher ceilings for storage, whereas our Supervisor (Rich) dreams of having a 16′ x 20′ wood working shop.  I am curious to find out what you think.  Answer the poll any way you like (feel free to write in your own answer.)

McDonald’s Commits to Sustainable Practices

Although it may seem odd that I am posting an article about McDonald’s, Go Green McDonald's logo and areas of their businessI applaud any company that commits to a greener future.  I have always thought about the waste generated from wrappers and Soda cups at fast food restaurants.  Finally, someone is doing something about it.
Posted by Ian Andrew on 2011-03-14 05:00:00

McDonald’s recently announced its commitment to go green through sustainable practices in the areas of beef, poultry, coffee, palm oil and packaging. The most well-known fast food chain in the world is planning to make a significant environmental impact with their new initiative, and set an excellent example of a green business making a difference.

Sustainable beef and poultry

Although eating a Big Mac or a McChicken isn’t the greenest thing anyone can do – especially considering the beef industry is a huge contributor to global warming – sometimes the fast-food snacks are too tempting to resist. To help decrease the environmental impact resulting from our eating habits, McDonald’s is no longer sourcing beef (or any raw material) from deforested areas in Brazil or the Amazon Biome, is sponsoring a program to investigate the CO2 emissions of 350 beef farms in the UK and Ireland in order to find ways to be greener, and is continuing to hold regional beef sustainability roundtables to follow-up on the results of its 2010 Conference on Sustainable Beef, held in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund.

In addition to its efforts towards sustainable beef, McDonald’s and its Poultry Sustainability Team have set out a three-year plan which includes extending a moratorium on Amazon Soya and pushing for more sustainable soy production (soy is the leading ingredient in chicken feed), as well as looking at ways to better manage waste management from chicken suppliers.

Certified McCafe coffee

McDonald’s coffee offerings have evolved significantly over the years, and now they are implementing sustainability rules to make their delicious blends green. First, they are engaging in education programs to teach farmers how to manage a more sustainable farm, and second, they are buying certified coffees (certified by organizations such as Rainforest Alliance or Utz Certified.

Sustainable Palm Oil for Deep Frying

It is one of the reasons why McDonald’s food is considered unhealthy, but also one of the reasons it tastes so good: deep-frying. Whether it’s fries or chicken McNuggets, there is lots of oil being used at McDonald’s restaurants. That’s why McDonald’s is now supporting the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and pushing to have all of their suppliers become members of the organization by the end of 2011. The end-goal is to use only certified sustainable palm oil by 2015.

Sustainable wood fiber for packaging

Because wood fiber is the primary material used in McDonald’s packaging, the restaurant chain is working towards purchasing the fiber from sources that have earned third-party certification, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This way, all of the sandwich wraps, fry boxes, paper bags and tray liners used in their restaurants will be greener.